Undergoing Challenges

Has your life changed in a year? A month? A week? A day? An hour? Or even a few seconds?

Were you the one who was actively involved in this change or was it an inevitable situation that shaped you?

Change is one of those things that happen. While some dread it, others welcome it full-heartedly into their lives to join them for a cup of tea.

In this post… I’m going to shamelessly promote my other blog and invite you to join me weekly as I undergo a different theme to aid me in my goals (and perhaps reading my journey will inspire you to undertake your own).

Last year, was the most stressful year of my life. I had just moved to Tokyo… the city of opportunity. I was offered a job that promised more pay and benefits, I’d live closer to a guy who was talking about the future, and I would never have to say “I’m bored” ever again. Right?


My job tried to force me to become someone I was not. The stress from my job caused me to become consistantly sick. Because of the job and my poor health, the guy got to see me at my worst… fights ensued… more stress…. etc. Ah, and the city has a dark side… if you’re lacking money (which the price of living is at max), you can’t make or maintain friendships resulting in having to decide between being lonely and/or poor. I became both. So, 2012 was by far, the worst year for me.

The following year, I decided to fix that and I did. I scoured the internet for tips and tricks on how to be happy.  I quit my job and got a less paying one that would better suit my teaching style. The guy and I moved our separate ways.  I reflected on my past and future. I even made a decision to use what little money I had to go back to America for vacation (and had help from my beloved friends and family).

Before going home, I wanted to show off my best and shiny self. Searching through the internet, I found a lot of e-books that offered guaranteed change after 10 weeks and a ton of programs that help you change bad habits, addictions, and weight loss. I was not struggling with those habits and I was not overweight. I just wanted a full mental and physical makeover. The closest I found was this site: http://blog.gaiam.com/10-weeks-to-a-better-body-and-more-energy/

I underwent this challenge, though I personalized it to be more general rather than being about losing weight. The results? My feeling of self worth changed. Though it was difficult to keep up with every last bullet point to my weekly goals, I pulled off way more than I could ever imagine. It was enough to make me feel pride in my efforts. The 10 weeks of change challenge was effective.

Last time, I was a girl struggling to find happiness and direction, but this time, I want to find another direction and not be complacent with where I am now in life. I will undergo the challenge again, but making it uniquely my own. If you are seeking how to undergo the change yourself or would like to see how I’m doing… please visit my other blog: http://thestarshinediaries.wordpress.com

Have a sparkling day (or night)!





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About Emi Starshine

Just like everyone else, I am a citizen of Earth. Idealist, optimistic, creative, and fun. I strive to shine and help others to shine with me.

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